Values and Priorities

With the support, love and guidance of my family, friends and neighbors, I am very excited to be a candidate for Franklin's Planning Board.

I will bring a fresh, but informed perspective to the Town's work. Franklin needs new voices and representation on one of our most important Boards, and when elected, these values will guide my deliberation, conversations, and decision making.


As a member of your Planning Board, I will represent you and your families best interest. When I make a decision, it will be because I think it is in the best interest of our community based on my own standards and the professional regulations of the role. I will do what is best for us all, not what is best for my personal gain.


Simply, I want to create, cultivate and maintain better spaces in Franklin. I will advocate for places in which you and your family, friends and neighbors feel safe and comfortable in. Areas that you love and cherish and that are or become a part of your life. Franklin is a great place with great people, businesses and character. Sometimes it just takes an advocate to make sure we are continuing forward.


Working as a planner you encounter people who have vastly different opinions or intentions. It is a necessity, and something that I hold in high regards, to respect others and treat them with dignity and class. To build an inclusive community you must build relationships on a foundation of trust and respect in order to foster honest communication.


I am happy to say "tell me more". Planning is an ever-evolving field where ideas are plentiful. I am a student of the profession and that means being open to new ideas and looking for new ways to learn and grow. I will never shoo someone away or disregard their thoughts. Instead, I will listen with open ears. Please reach out if you have any thoughts, questions or comments.